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I am a smart toilet manufacturer
- 2020-06-18-

With the improvement of science and technology, all walks of life are moving towards the direction of intelligence. The toilets we go to the toilet every day are the same. Smart toilets are also emerging with the progress of society. Maybe many friends are still curious about our smart toilets. , "I will ask what effect will the intelligent toilet have?" As a smart toilet manufacturer, I will give you a detailed introduction.

Smart toilets were originally used for medical treatment and elderly care. The cleansing function can effectively reduce anal diseases in all people and bacterial infections in the lower body of women, greatly reducing the prevalence of gynecological diseases and anorectal diseases. The water potential of different intensities of massage function repeatedly acts on the cleansing part to promote blood circulation and prevent related diseases, especially for patients with constipation, it has the effect of promoting laxative.

Nowadays, we all know that traditional toilets are often connected to the water tank. Long-term non-use will cause bacteria to grow and endanger the health of family members. The smart toilet with no water tank design now allows tap water to be directly supplied to the private washing and flushing system, avoiding water pollution caused by long-term non-use, so that high-quality water can be maintained during private washing and flushing.

The smart toilet has many special functions: such as clean buttocks, clean the lower body, clean mobile, keep the seat warm, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, silent sitting and so on. The most convenient thing is that in addition to the button panel for operation, there is also a special remote control device to realize these functions. When consumers use it, all functions can be easily realized as long as the remote control is lightly pressed.

The above is a detailed introduction to our smart toilet. I believe you will have a certain understanding after reading it. I am a smart toilet manufacturer. If you want to know more about it, please contact me.