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Learn about international brands of smart toilets
- 2020-06-19-

The smart toilet is a big piece in the bathroom decoration. A good smart toilet has a great impact on the comfort of life. A good-looking smart toilet is also very helpful to improve the appearance of the bathroom. Think about it, is it the first thing you see when you enter the bathroom? So which brands of smart toilets are better? Let’s give you a list of the international brands of smart toilets:


When it comes to smart toilets, you have to mention TOTO. In traditional sanitary wares, TOTO is not considered top-notch, inferior to German brands, but TOTO can be said to be the absolute leader among international brands of smart toilets. The constant research and development of new technologies and the Japanese spirit of excellence are well reflected here. Although the market share is not the largest in Japan, the marketing brand has done a good job in the global market. The appearance is okay, some people like it, and some people don't like it. It is a brand that you can buy with your eyes closed.


A good combination of Japanese technology and domestic usage habits. It is a more tonal brand. It is not very famous in traditional sanitary wares, but it can be assigned a place in the smart toilet brand list. It specializes in the development of smart toilets and smart toilet lids. Smart toilets are more characteristic, cost-effective, with accent, but they feel close to the people. A smart toilet worth less than 10,000 yuan can be considered a brand that can be bought with closed eyes.

3. Kohler

Traditional sanitary ware is relatively strong, American brand, diversified operations, now in addition to sanitary ware, kitchen, cabinets, there are many home improvement products, Kohler is also considered an old-brand sanitary ware company. The development of products pays more attention to design and often invites international big-name designers to design products. The more classic is the toilet inspired by the football field.

The above is the introduction of the three famous smart toilet international brands. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. I am a smart toilet manufacturer, if you want to know more, please contact me.