Is the smart toilet really easy to use?
- 2020-06-23-

When it comes to smart toilets, many people will say that smart toilets are more comfortable to use, but for everyone who chooses smart toilets, everyone is more interested in the functions of smart toilets, especially the effects.Smart toilet manufacturersCan you tell us how clean the smart toilet flushes? And what are the special functions of the smart toilet?

1. Is the smart toilet flushed cleanly?

The smart toilet lid can be flushed clean. The smart toilet has many special functions: such as clean hips, clean lower body, move clean, seat warmth, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, silent seating and so on. Conveniently, in addition to the button panel, there is also a special remote control device to realize these functions. When consumers use it, they can easily realize the functions as long as they hold the remote control lightly.

2. Is the smart toilet easy to use?

1. All-light-touch button design adopts all-light-touch button design, which is more convenient to use, more thorough cleaning, and no stains are left.

2. The nozzle is self-cleaning before and after use. The nozzle will self-clean to keep it clean and hygienic.

3. Two nozzles for buttocks cleaning (rear) and two nozzles for women only (front cleaning), which can be cleaned according to different purposes.

4. Mute slow-closing function After letting go, the toilet seat and toilet lid will automatically close slowly and slowly without noise.

5. Intelligent power saving has intelligent learning and memory functions, which can automatically pre-heat the water temperature and toilet seat according to the user's daily habits, and automatically stop heating after use, achieving energy-saving effects.

6. The seat-type induction electromagnetic proximity-type induction device, the flushing switch will not start until the person is sitting on it, so there is no need to worry about the embarrassment caused by the wrong switch, which is very user-friendly.

7. The antibacterial toilet seat that directly contacts the skin is made of synthetic antibacterial and flame retardant materials.

The above is a detailed introduction to whether the smart toilet is good or not, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. I am a smart toilet manufacturer. If you want to know more (such as how to operate a smart toilet, what are smart toilet brands? Etc.), remember to contact me.