Smart toilet manufacturers take you into the intelligent world
- 2020-06-22-

With the development of the times, the continuous progress of society and upgrading of life are the needs of most people today. And now the hottest upgrade mode is to add smart homes to the home, among which smart toilets are already standard for smart homes. Since its development, smart toilets are constantly being upgraded and optimized, so do you want to know what functions the smart toilet has? As a smart toilet manufacturer, let everyone walk into the intelligent world and learn about the special functions of smart toilets.

1. Thermostatic seat ring

We all know that a flaw in conventional toilets is the coldness of the seat, especially when the temperature is low, the feeling will be more profound. The seat of the smart toilet can be kept at a constant temperature. After the temperature is adjusted, the temperature of the seat is warm no matter when you go to the toilet. This kind of warmth is really intimate.

2. Cleaning function

PP cleaning is the core function of the smart toilet. Generally, cleaning is divided into buttocks cleaning and female cleaning. After you go to the toilet, you can use the cleaning function. There will be nozzles inside the smart toilet, which move back and forth/back and forth to clean the PP. The flushing is much cleaner than wiping, but you need to get used to this mode at the beginning. Healthy toileting is actually very important.

Three, warm air drying

After washing the PP, it needs to be dried. If you think the drying time is too long, you can simply wipe it with a paper towel, and then start drying, then your PP will be very dry soon. The warm air drying can also adjust the temperature, which can be adjusted to a suitable position according to your needs.

The above is an introduction to the smart functions of the smart toilet. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. I am a smart toilet manufacturer. If you want to know more, please contact me.