International brand manufacturers of smart toilets tell you "Is it necessary to buy smart toilets?"
- 2020-06-22-

I am an international brand manufacturer of smart toilets. I am a manufacturer specializing in the production, development and sales of smart toilets, smart toilets and other intelligent equipment. Many friends will ask, the price of a smart toilet is so high, is it really necessary for our ordinary family to buy it? Let me help you analyze and analyze.

First of all, the seat temperature of the smart toilet seat can be warm PP, hot water wash, super comfortable. The night light can also be turned on at night, and the soft light at night illuminates the bathroom, avoiding the problem of suddenly turning on the light at night. The long-term use of the smart toilet can effectively inhibit hemorrhoids, and it is also very helpful for constipation.

Most of the functions of the smart toilet are one-button automatic flushing, which can automatically flush pp and dry, and some seats with heating function will not be afraid of freezing in winter. Purchasing: One is the smart toilet cover, which is to buy a cover and install it on an ordinary toilet. One is the integrated smart toilet. This one will be more intelligent. The smart toilet has a self-cleaning and sterilization function. The flushing water has been sterilized to be cleaner and healthier. The best thing is that the toilet seat has a heating function. It is very warm without adding a toilet seat. The toilet seat is too dirty.

Smart toilets are better for the elderly and women. The elderly turn around to defecate, washing and drying can prevent the elderly from turning around and bending.

For female friends, women are always uncomfortable for a few days a month. At this time, washing the smart toilet can keep women clean and comfortable. At the same time, it is also very good for pregnant women. As a person, when you are pregnant, the increase in secretions and hemorrhoids bother you at the same time. At this time, there is a smart toilet. At the same time, the pulsed water gently stimulates acupuncture points on the buttocks, relieves hemorrhoids, and makes the whole pregnancy comfortable and tidy. In winter, with the seat heating function, there is no need to worry about the cold in winter.

The above is the analysis of a smart toilet international brand. I believe you will know after reading it "is it necessary to buy a smart toilet?" If you want to know more, please contact me.