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Zhejiang Aizhizhen Smart Home Co., Ltd.

South Korea’s Apdet Aizhizhen Company was established in 2019. It is not only a professional smart toilet manufacturer, but also a professional smart home manufacturer. The brand was registered in South Korea in 2018 and relied on South Korea’s advanced electronic components. It was authorized in 2019. Zhejiang Xierkang Smart Home Co., Ltd. established the Apdet Aizhizhen brand and at the same time established Xierkang's Aizhizhen subsidiary to carry out strategic development and layout for the Chinese market. Apdet Aizhizhen mainly develops, produces and sells smart toilets, smart toilets, smart homes, smart office systems, smart conference systems, smart door locks and other products as its main core business. Technology and advanced manufacturing advantages, with Korean electronic components as the quality assurance, a professional operation team has been established, targeting the consumption habits of the Chinese market, and contributing to the promotion of intelligent and effective upgrades in real estate, home improvement, hotels, and luxury hotels. Apdet Aizhizhen has a total area of ​​16,000 square meters. The marketing team has professional planning thinking and planning capabilities, and the sales team has rich pioneering thinking and development capabilities.